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HK Serviced Apartment in Kowloon City - Patina Wellness

Patina Wellness is a quality HK serviced apartment in Kowloon City. Operating as an integrated wellness hub, Patina Wellness offers elegant apartments, a residential care home, a health-focused restaurant and a clinic.

Why to choose serviced apartments over hotels?

Going to a new place or a new city requires searchingfor a place to stay. The first place that comes to mind is a hotel, butusually visitorsor tourists may not be happy with the hotel services. That is why,service apartment Kowloon are becoming popular lately. Why stay in a hotel if you can stay at an apartment in the comfort of living in your own home with all the facilities and amenities available. Regardless of whether you are a tourist, a visitor in the city or a business traveler, a serviced apartment is the best choice for every traveler.

What are serviced apartments?

There are several kinds of accommodation options for atourist, but serviced apartment hk will provide you the one that will make you feel at home. These kinds of apartments are completely furnished with every amenity possible. Tourists can choose to book 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartments along with penthouses and boutique flats. The best thing is that, the prices of these serviced apartments are way less than the normal hotels around the town. You can find well-equipped rooms including a well-stocked kitchen, bathroom with all facilities, fridge, washing machine, TV and wi-fiat apartments of Kowloon.

These places are perfect for the business travelers and tourists who want to save some money and also feel comfortable in a homely environment. Not only for the tourists and travelers, these apartments are the perfect choicefor the families and people who are moving to a new city. Since finding a home takes time, you can easily stay at these apartments comfortably till you find your dream nest for your family.

There are many benefits of choosing serviced flats and apartments like:


Many of us can get anxious and be unrestbecause of being in a new city and among the new people. But you can feel like being at home, but away from home, by living in a serviced apartment. You can find all the facilities required with complete service provided 24x7. There are also separate living spaces and sleeping areas to make you feel comfortable throughout your stay.

24x7 help

One of the biggest benefits of the service apartment Kowloon is that you can benefit 24x7 throughout the day services provided by the concierge. Not only the management will help you in making your stay comfortable and assisted but they will also help in various other arrangements as well. You can get all the required information related to the city and how to get around various places. They also provide help in booking commuter tickets or entertainment tickets for theatres and shows.


If you are planning to stay at one of the service apartment Kowloon, you can simply make a reservation and can ask for various things to be done beforehand. You can also choose from various options available. Considering the various factors like number of people traveling, number of days you will be staying, the location, etc. choose the best accommodation for you. Avoid gettinga smaller accommodation placeor penthouses for a lavish stay while trying to enjoy your vacation.


Staying for a long time requires eating out most of the timeand it can easily ruin one's digestive system and health. However, you can simply cook and prepare your food according to the taste and choice you like in the serviced apartment hk. The apartment has a well-stocked pantry with all the food items, cooking utensils, dishwasher, etc. You can simply stay back and cook whenever you need, especially if you are tired of eating out.


The hotel roomsare generally a single room which are comparatively small. But in service apartments Kowloon, you will have the entire apartment for yourselves. This means that, the available amount of space will be quite large and you can stay comfortably as you like. In such way, you can get the extra space for everything that you have carried. You can also shop without messing the place like in a hotel room. Also, youcan get some free and relaxing time, especially if there are kids in the group.

Housekeeping and full-time security

In the apartments of Kowloon, you will not have to worry about cleaning since housekeeping is available and takes care of everything. Therefore,serviced apartment hk provides hotel-like services but in a home-like setting. In addition, the apartments are fully guarded and secured with security surveillance and full-time security guards.


You can get ultimate freedom and privacy while living in a homelikeservicedapartmentin Kowloon as you do in your own house. Simply bring your guests or hold a meeting at the apartment without searching for a separate place like you do at a hotel. No one will disturb you so that you can hold a meeting in your place at the hk service apartments.

Serviced apartment hk is the best thing to opt for, especially if you are planning to stay for a longer time or visiting with your family. Also, you will be saving a lot of money because the cost ofthe serviced apartment is much more economical than the hotels. Not only will you get a fully furnished, comfortable apartment, but also many other facilities which will make your stay comfortable and luxurious.

A Silver Lining for the Silver Age

Our lives may change but our desire for quality living remains the same. We want peace of mind, friends and relatives nearby, a convivial living community, and to be well taken care of. With this in mind, Patina Wellness – the first integrated wellness hub in Hong Kong run by private sector, was born.
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Conveniently located across 84,000 sq. ft. in Kowloon City, Patina Wellness offers 79 elegant serviced apartments, an exclusive clubhouse, a residential care home, a health-focused restaurant and a clinic. Created to be a community than just a residence, Patina Wellness takes a holistic approach to living, where good health, and both physical and emotional wellbeing are paramount.
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Exclusive Clubhouse

The luxury clubhouse at Patina Wellness provides residents with a wide array of facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa, sauna room, computer lounge, mahjong room, music room and outdoor garden. There is a multi-purpose room with a fully equipped open kitchen and dining area, where residents can host parties or gatherings, or enjoy karaoke and movie nights at the entertainment lounge.
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Prime Location

Situated close to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, private hospitals, and within an excellent school network, Patina Wellness is only moments away from shopping centres, restaurants and all the necessities of daily life. It is easy to reach by public and private transport, just 5 minutes walk from MTR Sung Wong Toi Station Exit B2. There is also ample parking for residents and visitors.
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Patina Care

Operates as an elderly nursing home within Patina Wellness integrated wellness hub, Patina Care provides 32 single bedrooms across 3 floors, offering their residents personalised nursing care, ranging from moderate to intensive, including specialised counselling services.
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Patina Bistro

Located on the ground floor of Patina Wellness, Patina Bistro is a health-focused restaurant offering a wide array of cuisines and a registered dietitian to design a series of healthy menu, providing guests with nourishing and wholesome meals.
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Patina Health Centre

Patina Health Centre is also situated on the ground floor, provides clinical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, Chinese medical care, and dietetic consultation to residents of both Patina Wellness Serviced Apartments and Patina Care, as well as walk-in patients.
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Direct Booking Privileges includes:

Free Wi-Fi internet access

Daily complimentary 2 bottles of distilled water

Exclusive discount with promo code "DIRECT"