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As we progress through different stages of life, we learn and understand our different needs. At Patina Wellness, we provide you a wide variety of services. Together with you, your family and our professional team, we will design your own personalized care plan. These plans include: medical support, elderly care, rehabilitation programs, a diverse interests development, counselling, housekeeping services, nutritional support and personal safety.

We offer medical and nursing care to our senior residents as well as rehabilitation programs and social engagement activities. For an active social life, their well-being and the medical support can relieve caregivers’ burdens. Our services consist of:
  • Relevant medical assessment
  • Medical and rehabilitation clinic
  • A visiting medical officer doctor
  • Regular health check up
  • Individual care plan designed specifically to suit each resident’s needs
  • Access to medical support and a professional nursing team
  • Healthy life support, consultation and mature referral system
  • Other nursing care include:urinary/ nasal gastric tube care, insulin injection, wound care, peritoneal dialysis, oxygen therapy, medication management and any emergencies
  • 24-hour professional nursing care and instant home care support

1. Registered occupational therapist and physiotherapist
2. Customized rehabilitation programmes to serve various needs, provided by:
3. Occupational Therapy:
  • Stroke rehab
  • Cognitive rehab
  • Manual wheelchair and power wheelchair user training
  • Individual home training
  • Home visit
4. Physiotherapy:
  • Stroke rehab
  • Pain management
  • Physical fitness training
  • Manual therapy
Our nursing staffs provide the following personal care services:
• Escort services for medical follow up
• Trained care workers provide personal nursing care of feeding, bathing, hair washing, and changing clothes
• For those requiring more substantial health care and services, Patina Wellness has a Residential Care Home, operated by industry leader Pine Care Group
• Health-focused Restaurant - Patina Bistro
• Menu designed by dieticians
• Daily continental breakfast buffet served in the Club House and outdoor garden. “Grab and go” option available
• Nutritious and healthy meals delivered on request at additional cost
Interest Development 
We offer a wide variety of courses to enable our residents to find their own hobbies, as well as establishing new social environment for them. These courses include:
• Recreational activities
• Senior School
• Family Connection
• Social Relationships
• Life with style
• Adventurous breakthrough
• Community Involvement
• Spiritual Development
• At different stages of life, we all enjoy different results and face different difficulties at the same time. For example, during the exploration of retirement life, many of us may find ourselves either confused or unable to adjust to changes.
• Counselling can help us re-understand ourselves and our own. No matter what problems the elderly are facing, our social workers will be willing to listen and help.
• Cleaning (twice a week)
• Laundry service
• All apartments are equipped with safety measures including an emergency call bell, motion sensors, and handrails in the bathroom
• Emergency response (in case of accidents)
• 24-hour Concierge and Security