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Smart Living Smart Ageing

Patina Wellness integrates smart home technology to enhance its living facilities and senior care services, enabling the senior residents to age more safely, smartly and independently.

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Residents will be alerted with flashing light and buzzing alarm when the smart devices detect abnormal activity. Family members and staff of Patina Wellness will also receive real-time alert. The staff will provide emergency assistance if needed to avoid accidents, offering peace of mind for the family members.

Smoke Detector & Gas Detector
  • The sensors help detect excessive smoke or gas leaks in the kitchen

Water Leakage Sensor
  • Detects water leaks or high water levels in the bathroom or kitchen, to avoid the elderly from slipping and falling
PIR Motion Sensor
  • The sensor will automatically activate the light when the elderly walks into the bathroom, to prevent from falling or getting injured. The light can also be set to turn off automatically after leaving to save energy

Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • The air-conditioning or dehumidifier will be switched on spontaneously when the temperature and humidity are detected lower than the comfortable range

Smart Vacuum Cleaner
  • The appliance can set the cleaning path by itself and performs the cleaning task in a preset schedule
Remotely control the appliances or activate preset functions with just one click or via voice command using the phone, allowing autonomous senior life while reducing the burden of family members and caregivers.

Preset Personalised Scenes
  • Turn on the “At Home” mode before entry to activate preset functions, e.g. turn on the air-conditioning, TV and lights, etc. The elderly can also preset more functions such as automatically turn on or off the TV and lights when launching “Wake Up” or “Sleep” mode automatically at designated time of a day

App Training
  • Our staff will conduct a one-on-one training to ensure the resident gets familiar with the use of the app and smart devices. Resident can also call the internal line to seek assistance from Concierge team


Direct Booking Privileges includes:

Free Wi-Fi internet access

Daily complimentary 2 bottles of distilled water

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